DSLinux: work around Linux on Nintendo DS with a DSTT card

DSTT doesn't start linux out of the box or not at all :(

  1. I did not manage to find understanding info about DLDI auto-patch of DSTT
  2. possible conflict between DLDI patched image and auto-patch from DSTT
  3. could load NDS version, only Ram from DS is available (4Mb)
  4. DLDI version fails to boot : think require access to expand memory
  5. no DSTT memory access : DLDI auto-patch sux ?
  6. no microSD filesystem access : DLDI auto-patch sux ?

DSLinux seems so nice :D I want mine ! :P

Linux in DS with 4Mb Ram

A nice keyboard on the touch screen, the screen at the top.

At this time could not connect wifi to ssh to my eeepc :p

export path to dslinux-toolchain

export PATH=/usr/local/dslinux-toolchain-2008-01-24-i686/bin:$PATH