Video monitoring

We now have temperature monitoring, it is nice, you can interpret the datas.

If you think that a fall of top temperature, follow by an increase of entry temperature means that bees prepare to swarm, it could be interesting to have confirmation with an image.

Warré entry timelapse playlist

IP camera

I decide to get an IP camera, they need network and a bit of power, no USB driver, it should be simpler.

I have found a 30€ IP camera: Wanscam JW0008 and a HW0043

Scanning network to find the camera

nmap -sn

Wanscam JW0008

Disable green led is the IP address of the camera.

There is a green led blinking all the time, you can switch off the led with an http query :

in this example, I have configure the camera to listen to port 80 so that I need not specify the default 99 port.

The default login is admin, with empty password

Get a snapshot

Open video in VLC

Wanscam HW0043

Different IP ...

URL parameters can be found at

Fetch picture



Get configuration


Video with VLC


DIsable IR led


Disable overlay attributes