Project(s) :p

Jobee beehive

Honey bees in their house.

Beehive temperature logger

Arduino sketchbook to log temperature on sdCard.


LaCagna Open Bar application

ZF2 quickstart revisited with Doctrine2.

Armbian PCA9685 I2C

OpenWrt TL-MR10U

How to combine OpenWrt with arduino

Zf2doctrine: simple ZF2 module with Doctrine

ZF2doctrine project.

We try to make the minimum in a module to be able to start working with Doctrine ORM on a fresh install of Zend Framework 2 skeleton application.

The aim is to be able to generate entities from YAML files.

To generate or update schema of database.

To make a simplist create/update form

Old stuff


I am not a gamer but I like toys, toys where Tux is allow to live :)

A few days before christmas my brother told me that DS could be able to host a pinguin ^^

We decided to make a search and found DSLinux project !!! \o/

DSLinux to be continued... (Discontinued in 2014 :-) )

Listening to my music with my friends

Xmms {is} was the first player that allow me to make my pinguin sing !

Xmms has a gui that users can close, it could be a messed if you've just spent many minutes to build a playlist and forgot to save it...