Jobee hive monitor

Near one month of data logging: temperature, humidity and battery level.

On 20 of july, the system was down near 6 o'clock.

See Jobee realtime monitor

I have change the 18650 battery, with one that was a bit less charged, about 3.8V, against near 4.1V I think for the first one.

I believed that solar panel was able to fully charge the battery.

But if you look at voltage after 20 july, you can see that it never go up.

Voltage comparison between old and new battery

I can now conclude that solar panel, with the voltage regulator is not able to charge the battery.

The solar battery pack has never worked very well, now the battery is out of order:

Solar Battery Pack OO

This is the bad voltage regulator :

Voltage Regulator

And the the 6V solar panel

Solar  Panel