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Jobee: bees, Warré ecological beehive. (Abeilles, ruche écologique Warré)

Daily timelapse(approve sites) of hive entry

https://jodaille.org/snapshots/(approve sites)

Timelapse july

https://jodaille.org/MonitorPage6months.png(approve sites)(approve sites)

Jobee story board slideshow (in french)

Jobee on github some piece of programming.

Beehive model bees and varroas mite evolution in time.

JoBee monitor

https://jodaille.org/SolarPanelTHVmonitor/LipoSolarPanelMonitorVoltage_1month_x800.png(approve sites)

Temperature, humidity, infrared in/out detection, beehive weight, sound, mouvements by accelerometer, logging datas. Autonomous as possible.

Arduino is the tool for learning, nearly every information can be easily logged with time on a memory card and should be able to run with small batteries for weeks.

Last working sketch : Beehive temperature logger

Joduino environment monitor.

Beemonitor "Honey Beehive Monitoring Project", nice to see temperature in live, bravo.

Sound of beehive analysis seems promising to know and monitor health of colonies.

I have ordered two kits of PlainDSP to be able to make sound processing. I have just receeived the kits, now it is time to read the book.

Arduino power saving notes


Weight measurement

it seems load cell could not be kept under the beehive http://openbeelab.org/node/57


"La Cagna" was our neighbours, our local bar and our living room. They have drinks menu displayed in several parts of the bar. The idea was to be able to see the menu in one place

Using Zend Framework 2, Doctrine 2 and many great packages like ZfcUser, BjyAuthorize or Twig. (see composer.json)

Code is available on github

The first aim is to develop an "eMenu" for "La Cagna", my neighbor and favorite bar.

You can see a staging version of LaCagna project following this link.

Joduino sensors automate

I am proud to have a stable version of my environment sensor :


Temperature and humidity with a DHT11, water level with ultrasonic (ping) sensor, low water level with two stainless steel nails and internal pull-up resistor of Arduino (Yeah!), light resistor and an RTC clock to build a "json like string" to serial log.

Arduino and OpenWrt

Arduino is powerfull, associated with OpenWrt: it rocks !

But hardware and software mixing is difficult.

You can follow my little experience about it.

See Arduino project

Joduino sources

Who/where/what am I: presentation of myself

Some say I am a geek, maybe I am but a free geek :p

Of course free as in freedom next