Jodaille presents himself

Jodaille because JoDaY spell jodé and not jo d'ail

My name is Jody, written with sort of camel case done: JoDy, JodY or jODy: I find it not very esthetic :p

Jody is not a popular firstname in France, I think nobody tells my firstname like another one :)

Some says jOdy, others says jeudi (vendredi, samedi ... :D )

Other called me Jedi, Jodi ...

Bref JoDaY was my pseudo for years, just for ethetism and because I believed for a long time that JoDaY was like jedi, jodi not not jo day :O :D

Debian Knoppix GNU/Linux live-cd

I would like to thanks Klaus Knopper for his live-cd that freed my life :)

I dreamt about free pinguin, start trying to learn to speak with it few years ago. But at this time in France internet was rare near inexistant, some 56k by FT but very expensive.

Mandrake 7.0 was the first KDE Desktop I have seen on my computer.

My first pinguin that was able to sing was on a p166 given by my friend Ben, thank you Ben, thank Vector Linux! :)

I discovered starts of adsl in France with Annabelle that I would like to thanks to :p

I felt on an article about KNOPPIX 3.1 and could donwload and burn ISO image \o/